Our 20-year professional experience in organisational purpose has given us a deep understanding of True Purpose at the macro level (theoretical/historical context) and micro level (practical application in specific areas of business).

Once the basics of True Purpose are understood, there is unique knowledge to pass on to people about the implications of pursuing a purpose-led life in specific areas of business and society. So here are some examples of the shorter, more specialist classes we’d like to run as extensions to the core course, based on the individual student’s life stage.

If you see a subject you’re interested in, we’d love for you to drop us a line. It’ll help us understand which of these Masterclasses we should do first.

Purpose & Business Strategy.

Purpose & Culture.

Purpose & Marketing.

Purpose & Career.

Purpose for CEO’s.

Purpose for NFP’s & Charities.

Purpose for Startups.

Purpose for Government.