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Purpose is not a business tool;
it’s a way of life. It needs to be learned.

After two decades helping organisations in almost every sector of commerce find their authentic motive and align their business to it, we know a lot about Purpose. How it works. Why it works. The four key types. The five steps to implementing Purpose in the real world. How Purpose creates authentic company culture. Why it reduces customer churn and lowers marketing costs. How Purpose helps CEO’s and boards solve just about every major problem facing their business. And a lot more.

But the single most important thing we know about Purpose is that it needs to be studied to be fully understood. And it needs to be fully understood to be effectively implemented. Too many organisations launch a big new purpose and run out of momentum because they hadn’t done the work to make it an authentic, resilient driver of change.

Purpose is not just the new language of business, it’s the new oxygen. We’ll teach you how to breath it, live it, be it.

Who should enrol?

Purpose is not ageist. Or limited to social enterprise. Our course is for anyone who wants to find that sweetspot where your passion to make a difference can also be the way to make a living.

What you’ll learn

After the success of our pilot programme in 2021 – with 28 students graduating – the Perth School of Purpose has a new 10-week “Fundamentals of Organisational Purpose” course planned for 2022. Check out the content here.

In this new 10-week course we go beyond mere definitions and explore how Purpose came about, how conventional capitalism mutated into something very broken, and how you can arm yourself with the tools and methods required to pursue an effective Purpose-driven working life. As a business owner, head of a charity, social entrepreneur, corporate team leader, or as an individual seeking a more fulfilling career path.

Course overview

Like to know how we could fill an entire 10 week course on the subject of Purpose?

Your tutors

Ronnie Duncan and Mike Edmonds are the founders of InBetterCompany, a purpose-driven business consultancy in Perth, Western Australia. Previously the owners of Meerkats Brand Leadership Co, a well known advertising and branding agency, Ronnie and Mike sold their business out of a desire to untether themselves from the marketing industry and explore the “insane potential” of True Purpose in the broader business community.

Your Purpose Community

The Platform is proud to partner with InBetterCompany to launch the Perth School of Purpose. Our shared vision is to propagate a fairer, more regenerative form of capitalism that challenges the status quo of conventional business and helps people flourish in their work, not be ground down by it.

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