Ronnie Duncan and Mike Edmonds are the founders of InBetterCompany, providing professional purpose coaching and mentoring in Perth, Western Australia. Previously owners of Meerkats, a well known advertising and branding agency, Ronnie and Mike sold their business out of a desire to untether themselves from the marketing industry and explore the “insane potential” of True Purpose in the broader business community.

The Perth School of Purpose is a major part of their strategy to propagate the philosophy of authentic value in business and to prove that purpose-led is the shape every organisation needs to be for what’s coming next in our always-on, super-connected world.

Mike Edmonds

Mike Edmonds is the author of “Truth. Growth. Repeat. A business manual for Generation Why.”, a jargon-free guide to True Purpose, published through Wiley and available at all the online bookstores. He’s a writer by profession, but his passion for truth and his endless curiosity about how humans work make him a natural teacher. 

Ronnie Duncan

Ronnie Duncan’s background is in business and branding strategy. His fusion of MBA-backed economic knowledge and direct consumer experience gives him the perfect credentials to lead the regenerative revolution that is purpose-driven commerce. An engaging presenter and deep, deep thinker, Ronnie is popular on the lecture circuit.